Mikaya Heart grew up in a rural part of Scotland. She developed a deep love of nature from an early age, which sustained her through a difficult childhood. At York University, long before the environmental movement had started, she studied ecology. Unable to accept how disrespectfully our planet is being treated, she dropped out.  In 1978, she came out as a lesbian, and in the same year, trained as an agricultural mechanic. Disillusioned with the homophobia and sexism in the UK, she immigrated to Northern California. She is a keen writer and has always worked hard at her personal healing, often using shamanic methods. Mikaya started studying earth-based spiritual practices with a variety of teachers in the eighties. She sold all her property, in order to be absolutely free, and took off traveling on her own, visiting Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, North America, the Caribbean, and Brazil.

Topics of conversation:

  • Upbringing traumas
  • Lessons Learned
  • Sexual Energy
  • Leaving everything behind to travel
  • Her books and publishing

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