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Interview Michelle Bellon

opics of conversation:

  • Why and how did her writing begin
  • Lack of knowledge of writers about publishing and marketing their work
  • Writing at home with children. Making the time.
  • Critique Groups and Writers' Conferences. A Must!
  • Importance of Contests as tools to promote writers

Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Michelle Bellon currently lives in the   Pacific Northwest with her husband and their four children.       She earned   her degree as a registered nurse in 2005, but found herself back in the home a   few years later when she and her husband welcomed their fourth child into the   world, and so began her writing career. Michelle has published four novels   and is writing her seventh.



Trying to escape a horrific past, Shyla has immersed herself in life as a tough, sassy cop in the bustle of LA. When the case of a lifetime takes her back to her hometown of Redding, she is thrown into a world of organized crime, deceit, and bitter reminders of her childhood.

As Shyla’s path crosses that of Brennan, an unwitting and troubled sidekick to the ringleader she’s intent on taking down, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she believes about herself, her job, and what she knows about right and wrong.