Interview with Thomas J. Brodeur - Author of Faces Behind the Masks

Topics of conversation:

  • Writing from the perspective of a Teen/YA
  • Everything is a field for possible use in writing
  • Developing your Characters
  • Using an Outline
  • Hobbies – Building Ships in Bottles, Fixing and Building Things, etc.

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Since childhood Thomas J. Brodeur has been telling stories. Early efforts included drawing his own comics, a skill he honed from grade school through college. In high school he composed three graphic novels and wrote his first short story. His first published novel, Regina Silsby’s Secret War (2004), was nominated for the Scott O’Dell award for historical fiction.

Besides writing, Mr. Brodeur managed to graduate college and divert some attention to a multi-faceted career. His corporate experience spans several continents and includes motion picture production, computer-aided design, information technology, management and customer service.

He spends his spare time building ships-in-bottles and dabbling in calligraphy, cartooning and fine art. Additional activities include laundry, dishwashing, lawn mowing, painting, plumbing and electrical work as required. He enjoys fixing things, anything from bikes to broken furniture.

Home is Florida, with his bride of several decades.

Faces Behind the Masks was recently honored with two top awards in the 2017-2018 Reader Views Literary Awards, taking home First Place in the Teen Category for Kids ages 12-16 and the Reader Views Kids Award for Best Teen/YA Book of the Year.

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Twelve-year-old Travis Warnofski dreams of being a superhero. But the only person who can make it happen is an uncle he can't stand. Excerpt: Smoke poured from all four wheel wells. The coupe sprang forward, slamming Trav into his seat…Supercharged ion streams sprayed from the headlights, the parking lights, the turn signals and even the hood ornament. Both side mirrors spat plasma. Trav whooped over the engine’s thunder. “This is a definite rush.”

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