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Interview Lucia Cascioli

opics of conversation:

  • How Lucia got to writing books in her 40s
  • Indie vs. traditional publishing
  • Pick a genre, any genre - why just pick one?
  • Are you hungry? - Joy in the kitchen

Lucia Cascioli is a Canadian writer. Spiral, her first thriller, was named a Finalist at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Her other books include Struck, Shifters, Letters to the Grave, and From Scratch to Finish. Lucia lives in the Greater Toronto Area and is a graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. WTF? Tales from the Burbs is her first collection of short stories.

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Mirabelle always knew that she and her brother Brice were different. They could tell when the other was in danger. Why? They were Shifters and there were more of them out there. Mirabelle, Brice and their group of friends come face to face with danger and they must use all their skills and courage to conquer the forces of evil. Will they succeed?


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