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Interview Anurupa Cinar

opics of conversation:

  • Sarvarkar and India History
  • Manipulation of History by Governments
  • Researching for Truth
  • Domestic Violence and abuse
  • Comparing India and America

Deeply moved by Savarkar’s life, Anurupa Cinar was determined to write a novel showcasing him before an international audience— persevering with her dream despite being laid off in the tough economy. A widow with three young children, she currently lives in Massachusetts. 



This is the true story of one man’s—Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’s— sacrifice of his name, fame, comfort, and family life in the fifty years of his crusade for the freedom of his beloved motherland, India.

Savarkar fought to preserve the integrity of India, to reinstate the honor of his motherland without ripping her heart out or chopping off her arms and legs.

Follow the footsteps of Keshav Wadkar, a fictional character, from the horrors of the Cellular Jail in 1913 to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.

Revealed here are the shenanigans of Gandhi in the Freedom Movement of India.
Experience for yourself the gross injustice that Savarkar has suffered—the determined attempt made to annihilate him, his name, his reputation and his achievements—at the hands of the British, the Gandhi-Nehru-led Congress, and the Government of free India—revealed in Burning for Freedom.