Interview Kendall Driscoll

opics of conversation:

  • Current projects
  • Her writing 
  • How Music inspires her
  • Writing Influences
  • Favorite authors/books

Kendall Driscoll was born December 18, 1993. She is a music education major enrolled at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. She is an active spoken word poet in both South Carolina and Georgia, performing at local open mics and other  poetry events. When not writing. Driscoll is a multi-award winner of the Poetry Matters Literary Prize and has published work in Poetry Matters Anthology (P.R.A. Publishing 2011) and Poetry Diversified an Anthology of Human Experience (P.R.A. Publishing 2013). Her work has also been published in Furman University’s literary magazine, The Echo. Speech of the Masquerade is her first full length solo work to be published



Speech of the Masquerade is a collection of poetry unmasking the rawness of human emotions. The idea for my poetry collection stemmed from a poem I wrote in high school by the same title.  For me, that poem marked the start of my writing career, as it gave me courage to continue writing and speaking from my heart. My poetry collection deals with issues that hit close to home and are close to the heart. Speech of the Masquerade is about voicing our personal stories, unveiling our beautiful souls, and unmasking ourselves so that the world can see who we are and how we feel. 

My poetry is for those who have passionate hearts and live life with intensity and for those with deep sentiment, alternating bouts of love and hate, occasional sadness darkening the mind, and a dreamer's hope. Most importantly, it is for those with beautiful, passionate hearts that guide them through life. I wrote the poem, “Speech of the Masquerade” to help these people gain the courage to unmask what they’ve kept hidden. Now, I present my poetry collection, Speech of the Masquerade, to discard my own mask and share my voice with everyone.