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Interview Lee Edward Fodi

opics of conversation:

  • Importance of nurturing creativity in children
  • Writing and drawing go hand-in-hand
  • Important questions from 9-year old reader
  • Encouraging children to write
  • Stories of Lee growing up

Födi is the author and illustrator of The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar, which include The Box of Whispers, The Door to Unger, The Shard from Greeve, and the forthcoming The Crack in Kazah. He has also illustrated several picture books for other authors, including The Chocolatier's Apprentice, a national bestseller.

Födi studied at the University of British Columbia and has a degree in English Literature and a diploma in Fine Arts. He is a member of several organizations dedicated to children's literature, including the Children’s Writers & Illustrators of British Columbia (CWILL) and the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC).

Födi currently works full-time as an author, illustrator, and speaker and lives in Vancouver, the beautiful Canadian city nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.




According to Een legend, a Kazah stone grants a wizard the power to catch an echo of the past—and a glimpse of the future. Only full-fledged wizards wear rings made of Kazah stone, but while continuing her search for the fabled City on the Storm—and her brother— young apprentice Kendra Kandlestar winds up with her own mysterious gem.

Cracked and broken, Kendra's Kazah stone seems void of power—until she discovers that the stone's very brokeness is its true power. Now, with her faithful companion Honest Oki at her side, Kendra is sent on an unimaginable journey across the cosmos, finding herself amidst worlds that are strange and bewildering—and at the same time, all too familiar.

Trapped in this adventure, Kendra finds herself faced with choices that just may unravel the mysterious history of her people—but it might also destroy their future.