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Interview G. E. Gardiner

Topics of conversation:

  • Gardiner’s medical history

  • Working with stroke survivors

  • Virtual Structure Group

  • Why he writes what he writes

  • His Team

GE Gardiner spent his first career founding and managing small businesses. Unfortunately, that career ended on December 28, 1996. While skiing atop a mountain in Western Maryland, he suffered a hemorrhagic brainstem stroke, which hospitalized him for six and a half weeks.

In 2004, he began mental therapy by writing a Journal. Brain damage left him without the ability to handwrite and his hand-eye coordination also perished. The only way to accommodate his wish to write was to use speech recognition software. He began using an early version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and has progressed through version 12.5, having learned much about speech recognition along the way. Mr. Gardiner’s ability to speak clearly, lacked consistency. Writing became a time-consuming effort. However, what he did write was therapeutic. Seeing his thoughts and ideas on paper clarified his mind.

In 2012, the Florida Writers Association published his short story Speed in the anthology My Wheels. That same year, best-selling Amazon author Leona DeRosa Bodie, and nationally acclaimed maritime artist Steve Witucki joined him for a new project. The project was based on the life of Jonathan Dickinson, a seventeenth-century English Quaker, merchant living in Jamaica who ended up Mayor of Philadelphia. Before being elected to the office, he survived, earthquakes, a tsunami, the maroon wars, Pirates, and was held captive by ferocious and hostile Indians along the Florida coast. The project quickly ballooned into a series of novels. WRB Books published book #1, Glimpse of Sunlight, in March 2014. Book has enjoyed brisk sales since its publication.

In the fall of 2014, GE Gardiner’s young adult science fiction e-book, Legends of the Paribell: NanoTech, will debut. He is currently writing the second book in the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey, Deliverance.

Through his involvement in the Florida Writers Association, Mr. Gardiner helps authors develop their story structure skills through his Virtual Structure Group. More information about Mr. Gardiner is available on his websites: and






A brilliant marine archaeologist… A needy college student… A ruthless tycoon… In 1696 the sailing ship Mystique sank and took with it Jonathan Dickinson’s gold,
diamonds, and a treasury of riches. Now the wreck believed to be the Mystique remains shrouded in mystery until an ancient journal sheds light on its location,
but a dispute over ownership blocks the excavation. In a fight against time with the threat of Jamaica’s colorful past overpowering the present,
three powerful men lay claim to the sunken treasure. The struggle that ensues pits them against one another as 400 years of Jamaica’s brutal history is revealed.
In a sweeping saga stretching back to 17th Century Africa and the British Isles, these three adventurers and their forebears-an ex-slave, a notorious pirate and a
wealthy merchant-battle for ownership of the treasure and are drawn into the grit and greed of 17th Century Port Royal, Jamaica the wickedest city known to mankind.
When their pursuit leads to chaos, kidnapping and murder, the question becomes, who will prevail?

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