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Interview Richard H. Hardy

opics of conversation:

  • Cultural differences and writing
  • Today’s Sci-Fi  vs. the 70’s
  • Quantum Physics
  • His take on Retirement

Richard H. Hardy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to the United States when he was four years old.  He grew up in the Finger Lakes area of New York State and attended college at Boston University.  He and his wife moved to New Hampshire where he worked at a software company for 26 years.  The Infinity Program is Richard’s first published novel.  He is currently working on a new novel, tentatively titled The Omega Rapture.

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Jon Graeme and Harry Sale are unlikely friends. Harry is a world-class programmer, but his abrasive personality alienates co-workers. In contrast, Jon is a handsome and easy-going technical writer, the low man on the IT totem pole.

Sharing a love of nature, the men set out together, planning to go their separate ways—Jon on a hike and Harry, fly fishing. Three days later, Jon arrives at the rendezvous point, but his friend is nowhere in sight. When Jon finds Harry unconscious on the floor of a cave, Harry claims to have been lying there the entire time. But he is neither cold nor hungry. What Jon doesn’t know is that Harry fell into an underground cavern, where he came into contact with an alien quantum computer.

Back at work, Harry jettisons his regular tasks and concentrates exclusively on inventing new operating language to access the alien system. In the process he crashes his office’s Super Computer and is fired. Jon convinces the company to give Harry a second chance, arguing that the system he has invented will make them millions.

Jon has no idea what havoc Harry is about to unleash.

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