Interview Ann Marie Kazutomi

Topics of conversation:

  • Ancient History & Fantasy
  • Going Back to School
  • Making your own happiness
  • Importance of family support
  • Taking criticism

Ann Marie Kazutomi has been enthusiastic about writing ever since high school. After successful careers as a finance director for a car dealership, and owner of her dream business – a tea store where she created personal blends and educated customers about tea – a serious car accident changed her focus and directed her back toward the creative world of fiction writing. She is currently working on a degree in history as part of her commitment to writing accurate, authentic fiction set in ancient worlds. Ann Marie currently lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband and talented twin daughters.
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Alexander Valerius Maximus is a Dark-Soul, Crown Prince of the Cruetians, leader of the Magikos Alliance … he is a powerful ancient being, but he has a terrible burden to bear. He must save his people from the terrible curse his wife bestowed before her assassination. For 800 years he has been searching for his Amara, his soul and life mate, the woman who will erase his wife’s shocking betrayal and restore grace to his people. But Fate has another shock in store for him: the woman identified as his Amara is a human female … Kara Spencer, a college graduate who is as cynical about love as she is street smart. The last thing she’s going to do is take the bait of a stubborn chauvinist who claims to be a 2300-year-old creature who looks and acts like a vampire, but is offended when she calls him one. And yet … her body, her heart, and her dreams are drawn to him against her will. What if he really is her soul mate? Will Kara be able to overcome her modern-world prejudices to see a deeper truth? And will Alexander be able to protect her from his enemies long enough for them to embrace their destiny? Darkness Falls is a richly satisfying read, full of history, adventure, romance, humor, and two complex, appealing characters who learn that the best things in life are unexpected.

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