Interview - Imowen Lodestone

Topics of conversation:

  • Vampires Vs. Supernatural
  • Taking Horror to a new level
  • Three Dimensional Characters
  • Aggressive writing style
  • Message to writers embarking on a book project


Imowen Lodestone  was inspired to write Seasons of Pain in large part because of his admiration for the creative genius of fellow writer H.P. Lovecraft. He have always wanted to write a novel dominated by Supernatural characters that showed readers that these individuals, although endowed with special abilities and keen senses, still get scared and make assumptions. As a result of these failings, they sometimes make mistakes. His goal is to reveal to the reader how Supernatural beings experience fear while telling an action packed tale that does not stop with a scary monster but embraces all brands of fear. For more information on Imowen Lodestone and his book visit his website at


Seasons Of Pain (Volume 1)
By Imowen Lodestone


Jesse M. Lelrik, is a crafty, beautiful former Witch, who is pissed off about being exiled by her kuven. From Jesse's anger comes her depression, which led her to stop practicing Magic all together. The false reality Jesse has created for herself comes under attack when her Magic beckons to be unleashed. Will Jesse accept her birthright and defend herself against the Supernatural life that's thrust upon her once again? Jesse is focused on finishing college and continues to leave her Magic past behind her. Furthermore, Jesse boldly says to inquiring minds that she gave up her power and reinforces it by declaring, “I am not a Witch anymore.” How can Jesse live her life based on a lie? Why is Jesse doing this to herself? Jesse is a Supernatural and she lives in a state where Supernatural activity is out of control! The murky waters of the new Dark Age are crashing against Jesse's walls of denial. Will Jesse wise up and put aside her anger in time to prepare herself for the darkness that's coming for her?

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