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Interview Howard Lufburrow

opics of conversation:

  • How Dentists are viewed by the public and why?
  • Forensic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry unusual requests
  • Writing mysteries as a way to escape your daily routine
  • Family

Howard Lufburrow is a 1977 graduate of Baylor University in Waco with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch in 1984. He currently practices dentistry in Salado, Texas at Saladosmiles and has done so since 1984. He is married to Debbie and has two grown children Blake and Erin. He enjoys the time he spends with his three grandchildren Stella, Claire, and Carter.

His previous writing includes an article published in the September 2004 Texas Dental Journal entitled Call to Service: Belize Mission Project, From the Beginning to Present. He is also a contributor to the book, Getting Down to Business—Success in Each Stage of Your Dental Career, edited by L. Norton Hindley III, ASP with his chapter entitled Group Practice: A Model for Talented Professionals. The book was published in 2009. Crown Deception is his first novel, where he drew upon his love for travel, adventure and his experience as a practicing dentist, relating well to his main character, Jake Patterson, DDS.




The story begins in the little town of Triumph, Texas where Jake Patterson DDS is called to the county morgue to consult on a dental anomaly discovered during a recent autopsy. Although he expresses his distaste for the morgue, he is eager to help his friend Paul Baker, Triumph Police chief. The coroner shows Jake a strange symbol on a deceased male's crowned tooth.

The next day, as he is preparing to leave for a visit to The Netherlands to attend a dental conference and to visit his Dutch grandparents, he sees the same symbol on a new patient’s crowned tooth. Meanwhile, something is amiss at Lansdun International, a Dutch-owned biotechnology research firm and a major employer in the town of Triumph. Buck McFadden, a computer technician working within a secret lab facility contained on the Texas Lansdun site, contacts Kate Williams, facility director. He tells her that he suspects an unknown substance is being smuggled into the lab, information he believes places him in grave danger. In Kate’s opinion, Buck appears to be overreacting. She wants to help him, but it will have to wait until she returns from her corporate meeting in The Netherlands.

Jake and Kate are on the same flight to The Netherlands and plan to meet after their meetings to see the country. However, Kate and Jake find themselves involved in the middle of the corporate espionage. After a meeting with the FBI, the couple is asked to cooperate to help solve the case. The FBI an is followed and the smuggling operation is uncovered and all participants are appre- hended. After a brief time touring The Netherlands, Jake and Kate return to sort out their relationship and their experience.