Interview Katina Makris

opics of conversation:

  • Understanding Lyme Disease
  • Stages of Lyme Disease
  • Katina's 10-year journey with misdiagnosed Lyme Disease
  • Mending the Spirit, mending the Body

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH has worked in natural health care for since 1983, with a busy Homeopathic private practice, as well as being a popular newspaper health columnist. She sat on on the board of The Council for Homeopathic Certification for seven years. Katina has taught homeopathic and Lyme disease classes.

Katina is also a Certified Intuitive Healer, focusing her current work on healing the spirit as well as the body and a landscape painter.




 A book of poetic beauty and compassionate understandings, “Out of the Woods” is a powerful story reflecting the inner turmoil of those struggling with chronic Lyme disease. Reaching across the precipice of isolation and fear, and illuminating a pathway of hope, “Out of the Woods” opens the portal to the wellspring of personal healing power residing within us all, guiding us to the gifts of Spirit.

Written by Classical Homeopath and Intuitive Healer, Katina I. Makris, from the vantage point of a patient, she shares invaluable knowledge on Lyme disease, lab tests, treatment options and full recovery at the mind-body level.