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Interview Martine Ehrenclou

opics of conversation:

  • Martine's own experience with the Health Care System
  • Why patients are passive instead of proactive
  • Preventing medical errors
  • Creating a Patient Tool-kit
  • Steps to take charge when lost in the Health Care maze

Martine Ehrenclou, M.A., is an award-winning author, patient advocate and speaker.Martine has a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University. Prior to becoming a health writer and patient advocate, Martine was a journalist, ghostwriter and public relations professional. She created and ran a writing program for at-risk teenagers at Phoenix House. Her personal experience with loved ones with extended hospitalizations changed her career path in 2001. hrough her books, articles, blog, and lectures, Martine Ehrenclou reveals insider information on how to interact effectively with medical professionals and navigate the health care system.




Your Health Care is a Team Sport. The Take-Charge Patient Shows You How to Become an Effective Team Player

Frustrated or confused about how to get good medical care? In her newest book, The Take-Charge Patient: How You Can Get The Best Medical Care (Lemon Grove Press, May 15, 2012) award-winning author Martine Ehrenclou empowers patients to become pro-active, assertive, well informed participants in their own health care. With advice and personal stories from over 200 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals and patients, The Take-Charge Patient reveals insider information on how to cut through the red tape and navigate today’s complex health care system with confidence.

Ehrenclou outlines strategies to enable patients to take charge of what they can – how to prepare for a medical appointment, how to create a patient’s toolkit, how to find the right doctors, how to communicate effectively with doctors and more. She also provides vital information on how to prevent medical errors and medication mistakes, how to manage health insurance and how to obtain discounted medication and medical care. The Take-Charge Patient, will forever change how you act as a patient and thereby vastly improve the quality of medical care you receive.

Your health care is a team sport. The Take-Charge Patient shows you how to become an effective player.

Martine Ehrenclou interviewed over 200 doctors, nurses, health psychologists, pharmacists, medical office managers, medical billers, patients, and others, to provide you with their personal stories and invaluable information on how to cut through the red tape of any medical encounter.

Six months into her research for The Take-Charge Patient, Martine Ehrenclou developed debilitating, chronic pain that lasted 16 months and used every strategy in her new book. She went from author and advocate for others to an advocate for herself and became a take-charge patient. After eleven doctors failed to diagnose her correctly, Martine found her own diagnosis and the correct surgeon to treat her. She is now pain free.

You will learn how to:

become your own advocate
choose the best doctor for you
prepare for your medical appointment
create a patient’s toolkit
how to collaborate and communicate effectively with doctors
prevent medical errors and medication mistakes
manage your health insurance
take the first steps if you have a serious illness or chronic medical condition
manage misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses and no diagnosis
obtain discounted medication and medical care