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Interview Arthur M. Mills Jr.

opics of conversation:

  • What is the Crawl Space about?
  • Bullying at school and the Military
  • Anti-Bullying Message through the Bully's point of view
  • Interactive Books
  • Struggles as an active soldier and writer

As a teenager and young adult, Arthur wanted to make his own decisions. His parents, teachers, and just about everyone else told him what to do and how to do it. To escape these formidable years, Arthur dove into books. However, he soon discovered the authors of their books were no different: they were just as controlling. Decades later, Arthur is now an author and has vowed to let his readers control the story. Readers no longer passively read along but instead become part of the story and actively make decisions. Arthur is also the author of the award-winning part-memoir and part-fiction book, The Empty Lot Next Door, and is a Warrant Officer in the US Army who has lived throughout the world. Arthur and his wife, Yonsun, have two children, Arthur and Allen.



The Crawl Space by Arthur M. Mills, Jr. is a new young adult novel about bullying, punishment, and redemption that allows the reader to make choices for the three main characters and to realize every decision in life is not ultimately black and white, or right or wrong.

Bruce, Mark, and Charles have long been the school bullies, tormenting younger and weaker kids. But they go too far the day they try to make a student enter the dreaded crawl space under the school stage. Everyone knows the crawl space is haunted by a boy who entered it and never came out. When the school principal catches the boys, she punishes them by having them clean out the crawl space by themselves over the weekend. Alone in the school at night, the three boys soon discover that the crawl space is not the only part of the school that is haunted. Together, the boys must make difficult choices if they are to survive, and they need the reader to help them make those decisions.

The Crawl Space is the first book in the Branching Plot Books series. Branching Plot Books allow you, the reader, to take control of the story by making decisions as if you were one of the characters. After all, isn’t it more fun to choose what might happen?