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Interview Claudia Newcorn

opics of conversation:

  • Fantasy Writing
  • How to paint with words
  • Keeping a Thought Book
  • What all Indie Authors should know about marketing
  • Book Sales

Claudia Newcorn is the author of the award-winning fantasy fiction books "Crossover," "Dark Fire," and “Firestar,” the three scrolls of the Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree saga. Likened by reviewers to a modern day "Lord of the Rings," this spellbinding trilogy is an unpredictable adventure of friendship, love, war, magic, treachery and ultimate sacrifice as two ancient prophecies force fairies, elves, dwarves, daemiani, and dragons into a battle of beliefs in which only one realm will survive.  Claudia has been a freelance writer and editor for over 20 years, and her many articles appear in newspapers, magazines and specialty publications nationwide. She served as the TV Show host of Central Valley Writers Workshop on KAZV-TV, and is a Modesto Bee Community Columnist. Claudia is also a business and marketing consultant and owns the firm Acorn Enterprises.



Goaded by his scheming high councilor Eshel, the Firelord Tvashtar Tizón breaks treaty to invade Lampion in winter’s heart. But Warlord Toron and the Lady of Féyree refuse to concede defeat and desperately rally their folk to resist, even as devastating battles threaten to extinguish all hope. Danaí, Joson and Damon must choose between friendship, treachery and sacrifice, as they struggle to prevent their former friend and his warrior daemiani from conquering Féyree, choices that will shatter everything they believe in. And even the Lady of theLakeand the dragon’s tears may not be enough to determine who at last will wear the Lord of Féyree’s crown…

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