Interview Sam Newsome

opics of conversation:

  • His Book "Jackie"
  • The Importance of Family Support
  • His Medical Practice
  • Working with the Prison System
  • Becoming a writer

Dr. Newsome was raised in King, North Carolina on a farm that has been in his family for generations.  He attended King School and graduated from South Stokes High School in 1967.  Sam graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1971 with a Bachelor’s degree in American History and then attended Bowman Gray School of Medicine (now Wake Forest University Medical School) and received an MD degree in 1975.  He then completed a residency in Family Medicine.  During his years of medical practice, he has also helped staff the county health department, ran the county jail’s and the local state prison’s health programs.  He has worked with the local skilled nursing facilities since 1980.  He has served as a county medical examiner since 1978. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Betty Jo, since 1971.  They have two children.  Sam has learned that everyone has a story that they are usually willing to share.  Many also have unappreciated potential.  If that untapped potential can be fostered and developed, marvelous results occur.  That is the inspiration for Sam’s first published story, Jackie.

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Jackie chronicles the life of a young man born to misfortune. As a child he is labeled as mentally challenged. He suffers an abusive home life and the torment of bullies at school. Soon he is judged uneducable and relegated to homeschooling that is no more effective than the classroom.  He is left without a formal education.

Thirteen years later he is reunited with an old classmate, Jimmie, who is now a recent college graduate. Circumstances reunite the old acquaintances when Jackie’s mother becomes ill. Together they discover that Jackie has a secret ability and enormous untapped potential. That ability enables the friends to discover and expose deeply seated local government corruption and create a future for Jackie.

Friendship, luck, and Jackie’s special talent are the springboard that propels him on a journey to fulfill his destiny.

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