Interview Rebecca Nolen

opics of conversation:

  • Her Inspiration for writing thrillers
  • From Showing Guinea pigs to creepy covers
  • Character development and her
  • Cats vs. Dogs
  • Indie Publishing

Rebecca Nolen was born in Houston, Texas, She grew up running around her neighborhood unsupervised, exploring fields, and wrangling horses to ride bareback without permission. Her large extended family often gathered for meals where someone would end up telling stories, usually tall tales involving whoever didn't show up for the meal or about grandpa’s giant fish that got away. Her mother's bedtime stories were often about her Highlands grandmother - how she grew up with servants to brush her hair. To a small child these were stories of castles and kings and engendered in Nolen a serious love affair with all things British.

She graduated from Pearland High School and then began a great adventure in Chicago where she sadly lost touch with school friends.  After a time she returned to Houston to attend the University of Houston, but got bored and enrolled at an Art school instead. After a short stint of work in the advertising world, she got married, had children and worked as a teaching assistant in Fort Bend ISD for twelve years. Rebecca joined CBWI, HWG, MWA, and a few other great writing organizations, and now lives to tell tall tales

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When Ruth Butler escaped Texas for a sleepy seaside village in the south of England, it was to rescue her infant daughter from the perverted demon she’d married. But after ten peaceful years in Perrins Point, her daughter Annie disappears.

Not far away, a madman has been trying in vain to turn back time. When Ruth turns out to be a dead ringer for his mother, the voices in his head haunt him day and night. The only way to stop his mother’s nagging is to kill her all over again . . .

Ruth must rely on her instincts and the ally she finds in an undercover detective who’s in town on unrelated business, but neither can search for Annie’s kidnapper openly. Ruth could be deported for living under an alias and Detective Inspector Jon Graham would blow his cover. Nevertheless, the trail leads from a faceless body in Annie’s clothes to a smugglers’ cave, where the killer drains his victims’ blood an ounce at a time. But he’s got a special purpose for little Annie. He is patient. He will wait—until her mother comes to save her.

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