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Interview Larry Sakin

opics of conversation:

  • American society today - arrogance/narcissism
  • Polarization of the "self"
  • Importance of forgiveness
  • Bullying on Social Media
  • Seizing opportunities when they become available

Larry Sakin is an author, political activist/commentator, and green energy entrepreneur. His personal essays appear in the book Under Sonoran Skies: Prose and Poetry from the High Desert; and his tribute to Canadian MP Jack Layton will appear in the forthcoming Jack Layton: Art and Action! published by Quattro Books.  He is co-host of The Larry and Larry Show, a political comedy program on Tucson’s KVOI-AM 1030 and a recent fellow with The Center for Progressive Leadership. He is also the co-author of Arizona Proposition 121 which provides a fully open primary election for the voters of the state. 


An anthology featuring six authors from Tucson, Arizona writing on various   themes effecting the human condition. Sections include short essays on   spirituality, the Old West, love and loss, the craft of writing, business and   culture.