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Interview Michael J. Scott

opics of conversation:

  • Reliability of the New Testament
  • Translation and Interpretation of the New Testament
  • Resurgence of Christian fiction for men
  • Christianity and the Arts

Michael J. Scott is a Christ-following husband, father, preacher, teacher, poet, playwright and writer. He is the author of the Jefferson’s Road series, The Coppersmith, Spilled Milk, Eye of Darkness, and The Lost Scrolls, a Christian action-adventure novel. He enjoys writing, reading, discussing politics, philosophy, religion, teaching, singing, martial arts, “Freestyle Kendo,” acting, cooking and shooting pool. He currently lives with his family near Rochester, New York.




When Dr. Jonathan Munro's house is broken into, and his former best friend and colleague, archaeologist Stephen Kaufman, is knifed in the streets of Ankara, he is thrust into a world of international criminals who will stop at nothing to claim the priceless artifact Dr. Kaufman unearthed - a scroll revealing the location of the missing autographs of the New Testament.

But is it the find of thecentury, or a costly fraud?

As he flees with Isabel, Kaufman's beguiling sister, Dr. Munro finds himself pursued by relentless mercenaries' intent on seizing this incalculable treasure for themselves. Through some of Christianity's most revered historical sites, he and Isabel must race to unravel the clues and find the autographs before they fall into the wrong hands.