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Interview John Tuner

opics of conversation:

  • The comfort a good book can give
  • Collecting the Human Experience
  • Life, Simplicity and Poetry
  • The Ever-enduring quality of the written word

John Turner is originally from the State of Ohio, where he grew up playing sports with his brothers in a small town on the outskirts of Cleveland. He moved out west to California, where he currently lives with his wife in Santa Clara Valley.



Smart, career driven Jamie had not intended to fall in love. Take This Journey With Me is a collection of  100 poems that endeavors to take you through the journey of life; as it examines the experiences and emotions that we all share as human beings. This award winning book has already won the gold, in the poetry category for the 2012 readers favorite international book competition, and was one of the many books featured at the Miami book fair in November of 2012.