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Interview Tiffany Turner

Topics of conversation:

  • Overcoming reading and writing problems through speech as a kid

  • How teaching influenced her writing

  • Fantasy and children today

  • Issues children currently face

  • Indie Publishing

Tiffany Turner was born in California and grew up in the San Francisco South Bay in the 1980s. She lived next to one of the many orchards that sprawled through what later became the Silicon Valley. She had a fantastic fantasy world in which she imagined a crystal cave below her house and drew cartoons of unicorns. She had trouble learning to read and write due to hearing problems, and received extra help in school through speech. She overcame these obstacles to go to college and become an elementary school teacher. She has been teaching for 17 years and focuses on writing to bring creativity back into the classroom.

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Fairies are real. Don't have doubts. Their world can be dangerous as well. Wanda is too familiar with this. As a Crystal Keeper, she helps the fairies of her realm. But the evil sorcerer Balkazaar has other plans. He's kidnapped her friend and fellow Crystal Keeper Edina. Wanda is faced with the mystery of her disappearance while trying to figure out Balkazaar's next move. Haunted by dreams of dragons, Wanda must find a way to save her friend. But problems don't end with just one path. Will she find the right one to save the Fairy World? Or will Balkazaar have other plans? Join her in the third book of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles.

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