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Interview Mike Walzman

opics of conversation:

  • Growing Up in West Los Angeles
  • Experience In High School (Private and Public)
  • How Frank Lloyd Wright's work influenced his writing
  • Out of Rehab - Failure and Success

Mike Walzman grew up in West Los Angeles, CA, and much like his novel’s main character went  to rehab after High School. But his mistakes as a young man didn’t stop him. He  overcame his addiction and now Michael's work has been published in several  publications such as: BCN Week, We Feel Pretty, Zine Columbia and Feathertale.  "The Fall To Freedom" is his debut novel. He currently lives in Los  Angeles.




Returning from rehab to his privileged life in Los Angeles, Bix Freedman quickly realizes how different things are from when he was Mr. Popular in high school; gone are the hotel parties, women, and attention. Now that everyone is off to college, he is left with his sober self and old druggie pals. Longing for the glory days, he vows to get rich legally before his friends finish school. In the meantime, he gets a job at a local pizza place. Never having worked in his life, everyday tasks give him great angst. Dealing with angry customers, celebrities, and escorts, along with his boss and aloof co-workers, challenges Bix’s ego and causes him to rethink his strategy.