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Interview Irene Watson

opics of conversation:

  •  Introduction by Susan Violante
  • Favorite Interview Moments Medley (taken from Inside Scoop Live, Author's Access, and Conversations Live) Featuring with Irene: Victor Volkman, Juanita Watson, Arthur Mills, Michael Kearns, Susan Violante, Leslie Ferdinand, and Cyrus Webb.
  • Reading of an excerpt from The Sitting Swing. 

 Born in Northern Alberta in Canada, Irene's career took her from career counseling, to business ownership, to working in management for a police force, to spiritual counseling, to teaching at a college, to retreat/seminar/workshop design and facilitation to her most recent - owning/managing Reader Views. She obtained her B.S. in psychology at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX and her M. A. in psychology from Regis University in Denver, CO. After retiring in 2003 Irene authored an award winning memoir, The Sitting Swing, which was published in October 2005. Having a hard time getting reviews for her book, she started Reader Views on a whim. Within a month it exploded to a full-time business. Irene's hobbies included genealogy and reading. Her book was republished by Loving Healing Press in August 2008 with a subtitle of "Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference." Her last published book is "Rewriting Life Scripts: Transformational Recovery for Familes of Addicts."

Irene transitioned surrounded by her husband of 45 years, Robert, and her two children, Juanita and Daryn, as well as daughter in-law Christine. She was grandmother to Kyle, and his siblings Kaitlyn and Keifer. She is greatly missed by all of her loved ones and her Reader Views family.

She was the Founder, Managing Editor, Radio Host, Publishing and Publicity Coach of Reader Views, Inside Scoop, First Chapter Plus, Rebecca's Reads, Review The Book and all other affilliates. She was the pioneer of Online Publicity and Publishing helping Independent as well as traditional publishers put their books out there. She was the mentor and friend of all who came in contact with her. 



Irene Watson's pretentious life could go no further until she faced her own past. Her poignant and inspiring memoir begins at the end, in a recovery center, where she has gone to understand a childhood fraught with abuse, guilt, and uncertainty. Her powerful story is a testament that it’s never too late to change your life, never too late to heal.

The Sitting Swing was a rope swing, hung from a tree next to the tiny cottage her Russian immigrant father built by hand from hand-milled logs and mud in Northern Canada in the early 20th century. Any motion at all would smash the child into a vigorous rose bush. It was a sitting swing in a family not given to play, in a childhood stretched between two very different cultures.

Irene was born into a tight Ukrainian-speaking community and a family struggling with guilt, shame, and grief over the death of a first-born child—a son. The old world immigrant culture placed much of the blame for Irene's brother’s death on her mother, causing her to hold her next child close to home, segregated from the new culture, victim to the blunt aggression of male cousins, and scornful townspeople.

The Sitting Swing shows us how guilt, fear and ignorance are borne by our children. Two distinct parts of the book look at an abusive child rearing and the process of recovery that takes place years later. On many levels this is a classic immigrant story showing us that change, growth, forgiveness, and recovery are possible. It is also a heart warming healing story and a testament to the strength and courage of the human spirit.