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Cheryl Williams, a registered nurse with a doctor of health education degree, published her doctoral dissertation in ProQuest. She believes that God has entrusted her with spreading the word about His Son’s return in 2017, which birthed her book, “God’s Indemnity.”




During the fall of 2008 I dreamt my 18-month old nephew who could not speak at the time told me I had to write a book titled God's Indemnity. I shared the dream with my sister and informed her I believe the dream was a message from the Lord. I was puzzled as to the title of the book and mused to myself that I would not know where to begin or how to write such a book. Well, God certainly did hear my musings and set his plans in motion to guide me as to how he wanted me to write this book with the messages he wanted his people to receive. It was not until I endured spiritual warfare that left me saying "wow" that I began writing this book. All the messages and scriptures included in this book are the messages and scriptures the Lord wants his people to hear and read. We are living in the final days God is returning in 2017. It is urgent for every one of God's children to wake-up and to return to him to ensure their fate is sealed for eternal life. This is the time for the Jews and Christians around the world to accept that the Son of God did walk the earth and died for the human race and that his return is imminent. Everyone must wake up, hence the title God's Indemnity: Would 2017 find you SCALPED or fully Covered?

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