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Interview Mark Wullert

opics of conversation:

  • Raising Three Boys                         
  • Inspiration for Writing
  • Stumbling Blocks for Reluctant Readers
  • Motivating Kids To Read
  • Literature in the Era of the Internet

Mark Wullert is a master storyteller. For decades he has been thrilling audiences, young and old, with tales of mystery, intrigue, adventure and comic fun. Now, these stories are being brought to the printed page with the release of The Stolen Adventure series.



Book series about the thrilling adventures of Luke Stolin and his search for the magical creations of the Danish inventor Soren Jacobsen. Luke is an average kid with an ordinary life. He likes it that way, it gives him plenty of time to play video games and hang out with friends. When a gift arrives from his Uncle Al, Luke couldn’t be more excited. Gifts from Uncle Al are always cool and this one is no exception, a package with a magical coin inside. But this coin brings with it strange events and dangerous people. Before Luke knows it his whole life is turned upside down, his brother Billy has been kidnapped and the coin is gone. Now Luke must face the dangers of an unpredictable world if he is going to save his little brother and get back what is rightfully his. But, as Luke will learn, life is not like a video game, there is no reset button and the consequences of our choices are very real.