Interview Marc Zirogiannis

Topics of conversation

  • Writing about suffering.

  • Influences from his personal life.

  • Being A father.

  • Being grandchild of Hitlers orphans.

Marc Zirogiannis Holds a B.A. from Long Island University and a Juris Doctor from Hofstra University's School of Law. He is a world renowned Business consultant and writer. He is also a 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do and is the lead Journalist for TaeKwonDo Times. Zirogiannis has also practiced and be teaching meditation for 10 years and has published multiple books. He is married to Soraya Rose and has four sons. His most recent book is "The Suffering of Innocents". For more information on Marc Zirogiannis and his books visit



Sam and Laura Job have the perfect life. They have a wonderful marriage. Beautiful children. Two great careers. They have a beautiful house in the suburbs. The Jobs are bestowed with all the blessings modern life has to offer. Their life was idyllic until a moment of tragedy changed everything for them, forever. As their family tries to rebuild after this life-altering calamity they struggle to define their relationships with themselves, their relationships with each other and their relationship with God. The Suffering of Innocents looks at the age old question posed in the Old Testament’s Book of Job, “Why do innocents suffer?”.

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