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Michael Kasenow – Author of “Something’s Bound to Happen”

504f7-michaelkasenowMichael Kasenow is an award-winning novelist (View From The Edge; A Wicked Thing); an award-winning poet (Six Feet Down); and the author of the critically acclaimed novel The Last Paradise. He has traveled extensively, living in many places among a variety of unique personalities. His lifetime resume includes waiter, cab driver, bartender, lumberman, janitor, and ranch hand in New Mexico. These experiences add authenticity to his written work. He is currently a Geology Professor at Eastern Michigan University and lives in a Michigan harbor town, enjoying the west waves of Lake Michigan.

For more information on Michael Kasenow and his book visit his website

Listen to the interview:

Topics of conversation:

  • Poetry as a writing and reading tool/exercise
  • How an Author’s non-writing background helps his/her writing
  • Surviving and thriving after child abuse
  • His Passion for Geology


SomethingsBoundToHappenSomething’s Bound to Happen

Michael Kasenow’s collection of poems examines the wounds of abuse, materialism, love lost, alienation, and the need for purpose—and celebrates the beauty of endurance, survival, and the miracle of each breath. “Kasenow knows that it takes complexity to create his art and art is what he creates. His poetry touches each subject with the respect it is entitled. Choices we make as people control who and what we become.” —Rebecca’s Reads. This collection is a passage through the webs we weave—the obvious—the yin and yang of existence—the inevitable—and the long search for purpose.

Read Review of Something’s Bound to Happen

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