Sandy Marriott Cook – Author of “A Home for Abigail”

41a42-sandycookSandy Marriott Cook lives in Texas with her husband, Richard, and their furry and feathered “children.” She has been an animal lover ever since her pet turtle was her best friend and confidante. As an artist, Sandy hopes to convey the special places pets hold in our hearts. To see some of her portraits of pets and wildlife, visit

To learn more about Sandy Marriott Cook visit her website.

Listen to the interview:

Topics of conversation:

  • Rescuing waterfowl
  • Painting
  • Being a big classic movie fan
  • How A Home for Abigail was a family project
  • Her new dog, Peaches


AHomeForAbigailA Home for Abigail

Alone and abandoned on a deserted street, a dog tries her best to tell people she needs help. When she has almost given up–a kind lady stops . . . Join Abigail on her journey as she becomes a beloved family member in a forever home. Based on a true story, A Home for Abigail is a book to be enjoyed by pet lovers of all ages.

A Home for Abigail, by award-winning author S. Marriott Cook received First Place in the Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards 2016 for the Young Reader category, the 2016 I Have Something to Say Press Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year, the Reader Views Kids Award for the Best Children’s Book of the Year, and various other awards.

A Home for Abigail is also on the approved reading list of the National Humane Education Society.

Read the review of A Home for Abigail

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