Adeed Dawisha – Author of “The Paymaster”

09d01-adeeddawishaAdeed Dawisha was born and raised in Iraq and educated in England, where he received his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics in 1974. Until September 2016, he was University Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Miami University, Ohio, and is the recipient of many prestigious fellowships and awards.

In addition to over 80 academic and public policy articles and book chapters, Dr Dawisha has 12 scholarly books, the most recent of which are the new and expanded editions of Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century (2016), and Iraq: A Political History (2013), both published by Princeton University Press, and The Second Arab Awakening (2013), published by W.W. Norton.

Since retirement, he has turned to fiction with the publication of his first novel, The Paymaster (Outskirts Press, 2017). A fast-paced thriller, The Paymaster is a tightly written and intricately plotted novel, with many unanticipated twists and revelations. The plot is complex, but not complicated, and while the narrative moves along at a tempo that makes it difficult for the reader to put the book down, there is enough space for character development, so that the reader feels intimately connected to the characters at every juncture of the novel.

Adeed Dawisha is married to Dr. Karen Dawisha, author of the best-selling book, Putin’s Kleptocracy (Simon and Schuster, 2014). He has a daughter, Nadia, a son, Emile, and a recently arrived beautiful grandson, Theodore.

Listen to the interview:

Topics of conversation:

  • Writing Mystery/Thrillers in Retirement
  • Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Writing
  • European Soccer
  • Future Projects
  • Publishing Experience and Advice to New Authors


ThePaymasterThe Paymaster

George Haddad is a deeply conflicted man. A doyen of Washington’s high society, he is also a life-long member of a terrorist organization. George resolves his inner conflict when he discloses secret information to Tessa Barnard, a young television reporter, who soon finds herself treading a treacherous path of intrigue and deception involving murder, abductions, and brutal assaults. Someone is determined to silence her. Is it foreign terrorists, or does the danger emanate from somewhere much closer to home? Meanwhile, George Haddad himself becomes the object of the boundless cruelty of his organization’s star assassin, and he has to make a fateful decision that could cost him his life. He knows the odds are heavily stacked against him. A tightly written and intricately plotted novel, with many twists and unanticipated revelations, The Paymaster is hard to put down.

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