Iyabo Ojikutu – Author of “Permanent Happiness”

View More: http://rickplusanna.pass.us/iyabobooklaunchDr. Iyabo Ojikutu is a board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She received her medical degree at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. She has been practicing medicine since she was 22 years old, and currently owns, and runs her practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives with her two daughters. Permanent Happiness is her first book. Her writing began in December 2015, after her dear father passed.

For more information on Dr. Iyabo and her book visit her website at www.driyabo.com.

Listen to the interview:

Topics of conversation:

  • Her inspiration to start writing
  • Pediatrics as a career
  • Finding balance in a busy world
  • Learning about life from living in 3 different continents
  • United Nations SDG Media Zone event
  • Her writing process and publishing experience


PermanentHappinessPermanent Happiness

“Another book about happiness?” What does this one have to say that we all have not heard before? And is happiness really an achievable state of being?

We never stop craving happiness. It is the world’s most sought-after feeling and emotion. As we wake up each morning, we do so hoping to find happiness in all that we experience, whether we are consciously aware of this desire or not. We do, of course, find happiness at different points and phases in our lives. The problem is, this situational happiness tends to be short-lived. We are happy for a few days and then fall back into anxiety, sadness, and/or worry.

Permanent Happiness outlines three easy steps to pursuing permanent happiness. It tackles key life situations we encounter during our daily living and shows how to pursue peace and be positive influencers on those around us. When our lives are in balance, we discover we let go of the stress and worry that arise when life throws us curve balls.

Get ready to be challenged and inspired. More importantly, get ready to learn about and understand permanent happiness and peace from a different perspective!

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