J. Peter Hoyer – Author of “Characters on the Green”

4728b-p-hoyercloseup28229J. Peter (Pete) Hoyer was born and raised in New York State, about 40 miles north of NYC.  He graduated from the Citadel, Military College of SC, then served a 22-year career with the Army. He traveled throughout the United States, Europe, and South Korea. After retiring from the Army, he worked 20 more years as a civilian instructor with the Department of Defense, teaching logistics, transportation, and military tactics.

He has received many military and civilian awards and decorations but is most proud of being awarded the U.S. Army Transportation Corps Distinguished Member of the Regiment award.

Pete holds 2 Masters Degrees from Webster University and Troy State University in the study of Human Relations and Human Resource Management.

Pete is married, with 2 children and 2 grandchildren, and lives in Calabash, NC.  “Characters on the Green” is his first published book.

For more information on Peter Hoyer and his book, “Characters on the Green” visit his website at www.charactersonthegreen.com

Listen to the interview:

Topics of conversation:

  • How his sense of humor comes through in his writing style
  • Humorous stories about some of the people he’s met on and off the golf course
  • Life in the Army and meeting interesting characters from all over the world
  • Marketing, book promotion and his next projects
  • Advice to aspiring authors


CharactersOnTheGreenCharacters on the Green

Witty, sarcastic, and humorously captivating. Real episodes with real golfers, and really funny. We called him “Mr. D,” not his correct name, but one that he liked. Mr. D was rich enough to own all the pineapple fields on Oahu, but he’d rather sneak out and steal a few pineapples instead. “Hank” turns out to be a virulent “Hank-Enstein” in the chapter of the same name. You will discover that the three “Patrick’s” have something more in common than their given names. “Doc,” not an actual doctor, and Nick, who may have been the inspiration behind the cable TV series, The Sopranos, are more of the personalities who are the focus of these chapters.

There are numerous books devoted to professional athletes. For the game of golf, in particular, readers can find publications about Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, and many other pros. But what about the millions of amateurs who play the game? They are seriously overlooked-until now.

“Great Chapters. Enjoyable and relatable for anyone who has spent any time around the game. Pete makes the many characters of the game we can all identify with come alive.” -Andy Weissinger, PGA, 2009 PGA Patriot Award Winner. “Pete’s lifelong love for the game has given experiences that any golf lover would enjoy. Read this and you will see why golf is more than a game. It has Character.” -Nick Zanca, Director of Golf, Kiskiack Golf Club.

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