Michelle Burke – Author of “15 Minute Pause”

Michelle Burke is a highly respected and sought-after Communication, Team and leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker. She is Founder and President of Energy Catalyst Group, a consulting, training and coaching company for well-being. Burke has devoted her 20-year career to helping leaders, their teams and organizations thrive by increasing self-awareness, accountability and shifting negative attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of an energized life and workplace. Her deep experience and knowledge consulting with Fortune 100 and 500 companies established her as a leading expert in bridging communication, team and gender gaps. Burke developed hundreds of team, leadership and energy boosting training programs which continually garner rave reviews from clients. As a coach, she works with executives and managers to adapt a mindfulness approach to their leadership capabilities and achieved great success in empowering women into leadership roles. Her work consistently results in higher productivity, stronger employee engagement, and more energized and inclusive workplaces. Some clients include Microsoft, Visa, Ernst & Young, Intel, Hewlett Packard, McDonald’s, Cobra Golf, Cisco Systems, Blue Shield, Disney, Sony Electronics, HTC, Genentech, Snap Inc., Stanford University and Sony PlayStation.

Michelle is also author of the highly acclaimed book, The Valuable Office Professional, endorsed by Ken Blanchard and was featured in Business Week, LA Times, SF Chronicle, and Wall Street Journal. Her articles appeared in Training, HR, and Chief Learning Officer, Huffington Post. She is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and participated in UCLA’s MARC intensive year-long mindfulness Program. Admired for her positive spirit, empathy, warmth and creativity, Michelle finds joy by giving back, fun adventures, reading, cooking, is a sports enthusiast and practices pausing every day.

Lilamani de Silva, co-author, has been co-creating card games (Personalogy Party and Family Fun conversation card games) as well as educational products with Michelle Burke for the past 17 years. Her eclectic career has spanned various industries including media relations, property management and film production. She worked as a Clinical Audit Facilitator at Hammersmith Hospital, as a publicist at London Zoo which eventually led to her working in production of natural history documentaries for ITV, Discovery and Animal Planet. Her jobs gave her the opportunity to travel the globe and experience different cultures and life perspectives.

She is an accomplished painter selling her paintings around the world and a few of her illustrations grace this book. de Silva lives in London and half the year in New Zealand where family resides. She holds a Masters in Biochemistry from The University of Otago in New Zealand. Admired for her adventurous spirit, tenacity, warmth and artistic talents, Lilamani finds joy through her love of travel, being outdoors in nature, swimming, reading and playing racket sports. She also takes time to pause daily.

For more information about Michelle Burke, Lilamani de Silva, and “15 Minute Pause” visit www.15minutepause.com or www.energycatalystgroup.com.

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Topics of Conversation

  • Why it’s so important to take a 15 minute pause
  • How can we re-energize?
  • Life Energy Inventory
  • The Meddler vs. The Player
  • Feet on the Ground Challenge
  • Personalogy Games

About 15 Minute Pause

“15 Minute Pause” is an inspirational playbook that explores where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. It’s a call to action to dream big, increase self-care, re-discover the joy-gems in your life and reclaim time by stepping into your personal power through daily pauses.

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